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The Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

Having a bright white and gorgeous looking smile is something that nearly everyone would like to enjoy. We offer our patients professional-grade teeth whitening to help enhance the overall appearance of their smile and give them the self-confidence boost they have been looking for. By choosing professional teeth whitening from a doctor experienced in cosmetic dentistry, you can expect better whitening results in a quicker timeframe than with over-the-counter options. At our office, we offer Opalescence® teeth whitening to give you the beautiful smile you deserve.

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Professional whitening is a simple procedure that provides exceptional results. Our Opalescence whitening systems can brighten your smile by several shades in just one visit to the office. Opalescence whitening uses a professional-grade whitening gel that will be placed into a customized mouthguard. While you wear this mouthguard, the whitening gel will work away at the discoloration and years of staining, giving you a smile that is several shades brighter than before. Patients can choose to whiten their teeth quickly in our office or take home teeth whitening kits to use at their own convenience.

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Take home options for teeth whitening can brighten your smile

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Have the White Smile you Deserve

Many patients experience a drastic improvement to their overall confidence after experiencing professional teeth whitening in Hixson, TN. With such a convenient and minimally invasive approach to cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is a popular option for those with a big event coming up, like a job interview, wedding or holiday party. We pride ourselves on offering this cosmetic whitening services, so you can enjoy safe, effective and timely whitening.

Brighten your smile professionally for dramatic results.