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The Cost of a Brand New Smile? Priceless.

Fully Customized Implant Restorations

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When making the decision to get dental implants to replace missing teeth, you are taking positive steps towards improving your oral health and overall quality of life as a whole. Living with tooth loss can make even the most basic oral functions, like biting or chewing, a challenge and can lower your self-esteem due to embarrassment in your own smile. Dr. Frank Johnson and our team believe this should never be the case, and offer dental implant restorations to help bring back the aesthetics and function of your smile.

A common question about the dental implant procedure is on the overall dental implant cost. Every implant case is unique and we fully customize each tooth to the individual patient, which changes the overall dental implant cost depending on your needs. We always strive for open communication with our patients and will explain every step of the implant process to meet your smile goals so you are never surprised with your dental implant cost.

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Doctor Johnson discusses the cost factors of implants

Factors That Determine the Cost of Dental Implants:

  • Number of teeth to be replaced
  • Your type of restoration
  • Bone grafting
  • Tooth extractions
  • Severity of the case
  • Sedation option

Specializing in Final Smiles

Dr. Johnson specializes in restoring dental implants placed by your surgeon with lifelike crowns, bridges or dentures. Most patients will require a temporary crown or prosthesis to be placed while their dental implants heal and then follow up with a permanent restoration to finalize their smile. When determining the cost of dental implants, the restoration will need to be factored into the overall cost. As the final step towards giving you a brand-new, natural smile, we strive to make our restorations as affordable as possible.

Benefit from Our Digital Smile Design Software

One of the biggest advantages patients utilize at our practice is our Digital Smile Design software. This modern technology allows us to give you a digital representation of what your smile will look like after your crowns have been placed on your dental implants in Hixson, TN. You’ll be able to make any adjustments necessary to get that dream smile you have always wanted before any part of the procedure actually begins. The outcome of using Digital Smile Design is a more predictable final result and a gorgeous smile you can be proud to show off.

New Teeth to Last a Lifetime

With proper at-home oral care and routine dental checkups, dental implants can last the rest of your life! Many patients enjoy the freedom and confidence implants give them, as they look and function just like natural teeth. In fact, many people won’t even know you were ever missing a tooth! If you have been considering replacing missing or failing teeth with dental implants in Hixson, TN, we recommend you schedule a consultation to meet our team and discover how we can help create a natural and beautiful smile.

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