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Digital Smile Design: Results You Can See

Don’t Let Fear of the Unknown Hold You Back

One of the most common reasons patients delay their dental treatment is due to the fact that they often do not know what their final outcome will result in. While Dr. Frank Johnson and our team specialize in cosmetic dentistry with attractive results, we also want our patients to feel confident in their decisions before they commit to treatment. We have invested in state-of-the-art Digital Smile Design technology to help our patients make the decision on their dental treatments easier.

Digital Smile Design utilizes modern digital imaging to simulate what your final outcome will look like. Dr. Johnson will be able to take current pictures of your smile and overlay images of new teeth over them. This allows you to visualize your treatment results before any procedure begins and make changes to the outcome to achieve your dream smile.  We have seen patients break down in tears after seeing how transformative their new smile can be. With results you can see, making the decision to commit to treatment has never been easier with Digital Smile Design in Hixson, TN.

Benefits of Using Digital Smile Design:

  • Detailed cosmetic diagnosis
  • Improved communication of goals
  • See final results before work begins
  • Be involved in the dental process
  • Feel confident in your decision
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Digital smile design - see how your future smile can look!

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Work Hand-in-Hand with Dr. Johnson

To us, you are more than just a number or a set of teeth—you are a member of our family that deserves the very best care. We are with you every step of your dental journey, whether that be a simple crown or bridge, a dental implant restoration, or a complete full mouth reconstruction. Utilizing Digital Smile Design technology allows us to work hand-in-hand with you to reach your smile goals. It is an honor and a privilege for us to care for your mouth and health and we will always try to build both a professional and personal relationship with you.

Dr. Frank Johnson, Digital Smile Design

Experience the transformative effects of cosmetic dentistry with Digital Smile Design today.