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Restore Your Smile with Dentures

Living with missing teeth can cause everyday activities like eating and speaking to be a challenge, as well as hurt your confidence in interacting with others. Because of the struggles tooth loss causes, dentures are a common solution—in fact, 90 percent of those who have no teeth at all (edentulous) have dentures. Dentures are an effective and affordable solution to restoring appearance and function back to your smile by providing a partial or full arch of removable teeth. Dr. Frank Johnson can prepare your mouth and fit you with a comfortable and beautiful pair of dentures in Hixson, TN.

When preparing your mouth for dentures, Dr. Johnson will need to give you a thorough examination including digital images and x-rays of your oral structure. For those just missing a few teeth, we can create a partial denture that will sit in your mouth and fill the missing teeth. For full dentures, we will capture the shape of your mouth using our intraoral camera and design a unique denture to fit your mouth specifically. After your denture is created, it will rest comfortably on your gums and provide your mouth with a more natural look and function.


There are two kinds of dentures:

Full and Partial Dentures

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Dr. Johnson makes patients feel confident in their dentures

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Working with You to Achieve Your Dreams

We believe there should be a special bond between patients and our doctor and staff. We aim to create a personal connection with you, ensuring you get 100 percent attention and feel like part of our very own family. We exist to provide excellent quality in dental work and care for our patients. We understand that a denture is a big step for many and will help by addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Dr. Johnson is skilled at creating beautiful and natural-looking dentures in Hixson, TN, and attends advanced courses on denture fabrication. After experiencing the benefits of dentures, many patients choose to move forward with the natural, long-term tooth replacement solution dental implants provide.

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Restore your jaw with natural-looking dentures.