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Beautiful Finishing Touches to Your Dental Implants

Natural-Looking Dental Implant Restorations

For those who have missing teeth, dentists commonly recommend dental implants as the ideal form of tooth replacement for their superior function, appearance and overall health benefits. Dental implants can be used to replace individual missing teeth as well as a full-arch of teeth, and in the hands of Dr. Frank Johnson, will look beautiful and natural. Dental implants in Hixson, TN, are so effective because the titanium implant post mimics a natural tooth root, providing improved stability and preventing jaw bone deterioration. Dr. Johnson offers dental implant restorations with dental crowns to provide a natural and beautiful look within your smile, as well as a strong bite.

We can restore one tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth:

replace one tooth with dental implant Hixson, TN

Single Teeth

For those in need of a single tooth restoration, Dr. Johnson can custom design a dental crown that will fit seamlessly and comfortably within your smile. We always take your entire mouth into consideration when creating dental crowns to ensure a precise fit and natural appearance.

replace a few teeth with dental implants Hixson, TN

Multiple Teeth

Dr. Johnson can create implant supported dentures or bridges composed of multiple dental crowns. Similar to individual dental crowns, these teeth will look natural within your smile, restore biting and chewing function and fit comfortably within your bite.

replace a full arch with dental implants Hixson, TN

Full Arches

Your full arch restorations can be a retrofitted denture that is secured to dental implants or a full arch bridge. This full arch restoration gives you a complete mouth of custom designed teeth. While worn, your full arch dental implants will look natural and most people will never know you were missing teeth to begin with.

Treatment You Deserve From a Team that Cares

When providing our patients with dental implant restorations, we do everything we can to offer a positive patient experience. No matter your situation, at our practice, you are part of the dental family and will be given 100 percent attention from Dr. Johnson and our friendly staff. Your dental implant restoration will be designed with your overall appearance in mind so that those you interact with will likely never know you were missing any teeth. Many of our patients report an increase to their overall quality-of-life after receiving dental implants and we believe that you deserve this same satisfaction with your smile.



Customized Dental Crowns

After you have had a dental implant placed to replace a missing tooth, you will need to have it restored with a crown to match your surrounding teeth and make it function as a natural tooth would. Dr. Johnson provides exceptional dental implant restorations and utilizes advanced Digital Smile Design technology so that patients can see their end results before the process begins. When restoring your dental implant investment, we use a trusted dental lab to construct your crown, usually in as little as two weeks. Once your crown is ready, we will color match it to your smile specifications and attach it to the implant to finalize your new smile.

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Restore your dental implants with natural-looking, customized dental crowns for a complete new smile.